2016 in a Nutshell

3 months have passed after my last post which is to remind me of my old habit: writing. Nevertheless, the darkness upon me had been more powerful than before, which prevented me to “wake up” and write, and to procrastinate more and more. To be honest, I have been keeping some drafts inside my blog for quite long, sometimes when I am able to update, I will update, deleting some sentences, adding a bit more, until 1 and 2 months passed and the total rows of the draft remains the same. Pathetic.

Thus, I will share, in this last post of 2016, how I managed to come to the end of this year alive and kicking, with some big hopes to be achieved next year. December is the most exciting month of 2016, but we will come to this later, first…

I started this year with sadness. Even though I managed to get one decent picture (at least it was the most decent I can make with my pocket camera) of Marina Bay Sands Firework during new year’s eve celebration, the starting month of 2016 seems to be grey, maybe even a bit dark.

My father fell sick, a serious one, so that I have to go back to Indonesia just to take care of everything I could manage, for the sake of returning my father to his previous healthy state. I was so lucky, repeat, I am so lucky that I have a very supportive sister, with amazing abundant care for family, which she has shown it during the time my father undergo the surgery and the post-care in hospital. I have difficulties since I am working outside Indonesia, so at that time, she was the most capable person to handle almost everything. And we are so blessed, since all the family surround us with care and love, especially for my father, so we can steadily and confidently went through all the rough path and at the end, my father was able to (even though not fully) come back to his daily routine life.

Another one of this year’s marks was our relocation from the old house in Boon Keng, to the new one in Bishan. After so many tiring and exhausting viewing sessions, without any satisfying result, we got stressed out since it seems like we would not be able to find a place that suits us. Again, in this case, God helped us. He is present in the form of the new owner, a nice Catholic family with great faith, who are very caring and willing to rent out their house for us to live. Another blessing in our life. Even though the location is not as we desired, but the ambience of the house, expected from a humble religious family, somehow warmth our days so we can adapt quickly and enjoy our days since then.

We had a great present this year, my parents came to Singapore, at last! Even though my father’s condition was not as fit as before the surgery, but somehow, by God’s blessing, he managed to reach Singapore. They were staying for a week, and I was able to get those days unoccupied with works so I could accompany them to have the first family picnic in our life. Yes, you are not mistaken, first family picnic of our life. We have never had such a luxury before, since my father is the type of person who like to stay at home more than travelling, and my mom simply doesn’t want to go out without my father. So there we were, with zero experience to hold family picnic, at least managed to get one. Bless the Lord!

This year, my wife and I entered the thirties. Yes, we turned 30 last July. So, even though we had quite rough time at our own work life, which made us stressed out and sometimes snapped out, we decided to end this year with style. We are going to UK for the first time, just the two of us, and as part of this UK winter trip, I was able to secure a pair of tickets for Liverpool’s home match against Manchester City, on the last day of 2017! How exciting is that? So the next post at 2017 will be about the trip we are about to take, and as well for the targets I am trying to reach in the upcoming year. I can’t hide it that I am so so so damn excited now!

So, thank you for reading my little note, thank you for your supports, maybe prayers, and simply, for everything. I sincerely hope that your end of year will be as merry as mine (I am quite confident that mine will be awesome), even maybe merrier than mine, and I believe we can step in to 2017 with our own style and hopes, and may all of our plans and dreams, be blessed by the Lord, so that we can have a better life, and a better world to live on.

Merry Christmas 2016, Happy New Year 2017.