Lamborghini vs Milk Wagon

Today I read quite many news about a tragic accident happened at Surabaya. Actually, I would rather call it a ‘dumb mistake’ than an accident. And the dumb one is not the boy who ran off his Lamborghini over the padestrians. No, not him, but his parents.

The title I chose for this post doesn’t mean that the Lamborghini was having a race with the milk wagon. Of course it would be an interesting one if it happened, even more if the milk wagon won the race… oh cut the crap, I am not gonna write about that nonsense. Actually, the title means more. When you had a child, which one will you give to them, a Lamborghini or a milk wagon?

Please, don’t interpret this literaly. I, of course, will not hand a milk wagon to my kid. Not even a Lamborghini because it is too damn expensive. What I mean here is, the Lamborghini represent wealth, luxury, and power. The owner must be a wealthy man, surrounded by luxury and power. Even though not all Lamborghini owners are similar to my description, but I think my description can represent most of them. In the other way, a milk wagon represent simplicity, hard work, and modesty. The owner, most likely doesn’t surrounded by wealth, live in a humble attitude, and works hard everyday to support the family. Once again, I believe I still can find a bad milk seller but this is just a parable.

Me myself, I did not come from a wealthy family. My father is not a boss, until now he is still working at a store owned by family members. He has been working there for like, almost, all his life. But I am grateful. From his humble life, I learn a lot about being modest. I learn a lot about honesty. I learn a lot that to gain people’s trust is difficult, even more difficult to keep them. That’s why, when I am graduated and started working for a living, I have a good foundation about how to be a good man, not how to be a wealthy man.

People my age, most of them now have their own business. They have the talent to open shops, selling stuffs, and even to gain money from stocks market. I don’t have that fancy opportunities. I admit I maybe don’t have any talent as a merchant, trader, or anything similar with that. But I think I have some valuables inside my which are inherited by my father: humbleness, modesty, honesty.

Back to the accident between the Lamborghini and the milk wagon, it is a pity that a young man (if I could not say a boy) that age, with so many supports in term of wealth, with so many great opportunities he could take to develop himself even further, has to experience his darkest times most likely: in jail. Even worse because there is one man dead because of him. If you are his parents, what will you feel right now?

So, I would rather teach my kid with humbleness and modesty, rather than to provide anything except for a good example from the parent’s life. Remember, kids are imitator. There will be a phase in their life which will be influenced, directly or indirectly, from the parent’s behaviour. Then as a parent wannabe, I am going to make sure that my kid(s) will have a good parents in me and my wife. And I think you should as well, don’t you?

So, Lamborghini vs milk wagon? For me: neither. I like VW Beetle better.



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