Oh Snap! It’s December Already!


It’s December already, just a few days left to go pass through 2012, entering a new number with hopefuly a new luck, a new fresh start. I don’t know if what I am feeling right now is legit to be called quarter life crysis, but I do far from what you called the comfort zone. I am a 26 going 27, with so many things inside his head, so many , so many problems, so many pressures, but despite of all the bad things, there are also so much hope, so many smiles, so much laughters, and so much love. Sometimes I complained to my mind, about why did it store too many stuffs in here, and sometimes it made me feel like I am willing to empty my head for a while, but I can’t, because frankly, I am not giving myself permission to do that.

I am living with many worries, worries about the plan of our choir to go to Germany next year (this one occupied A LOT in my mind), worries about my job (lately, it’s been far from stable at the office), worries about future, about financial, future marriage, and also some others little stuffs that always keep my brain worked. Sometimes, those worries will keep me exhausted. But sometimes, they will remind me that I am still alive. Alive person will always have worries. Then when I came to that, I still could be grateful.

Since it’s reaching the end of 2012, I will have to take a few steps back, to reflect on my life this whole year, and to think clearly where should I put my next step on. May the force be with us. God speed.



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